Stay connected anywhere in the world

Splora gives you the tools to stay in touch across town or the world, all for one simple monthly subscription.
With one app you can call, video or message the people you care about. Call any landline or mobile phone anywhere in the world.
Get everyone you know to use Splora and you can all connect with each other for free.


One or many calls at once
Talk to one person at a time or in one press start a second call, switch between calls or join everyone together

All your contacts in one spot
Keeping track of all the details for your family, friends and colleagues is a breeze with an intuitive contacts screen that includes live presence, one touch call, chat and video

A calendar that knows when you cant take a call
Not just a regular calendar, with Splora you can set call rules based on calendar entries – so while you’re in that 3pm meeting Splora will forward your calls to voicemail.

Live chat with one or many
When you can’t talk  or just don’t want to – take advantage of Splora’s live chat.
Easily chat privately or with a group.

Make Splora your own
Change backgrounds, create avatars, customise ringtones and more.
Splora puts you in control.