Change the way you run your business

Throw out your expensive PBX systems and traditional telephone exchange and run your business all from one app.

The innovative design of Splora and the network behind it forms the basis of the worlds first telecommunications system to allow telephone extensions on mobiles and tablets anywhere in the world and be connected as if they were in the same building.

Manage your call centre from a mobile phone or tablet
We’ve taken the technology used in the most sophisticated call centres and now offer it in a mobile and tablet application. Monitor call statistics in real time, drop and drag agents in and out of queues, get alerts when call activity is outside your pre-defined parameters. Splora gives managers and team leaders, live access to both the phone system and the real data that affects the business. Control your call centre and priorities through simple drop and drag queue management, log users on and off and watch real time queue activity using a sophisticated web based dashboard.

Put your staff in control of their own phone settings
All staff can access and edit individual settings and make real time changes.
Edit forwarding rules, view call logs and access voicemail.

Send and Receive Faxes from your phone or tablet
Splora offers a fax module allowing users to quickly send and receive faxes to fax numbers within the PBX. Control Centre eliminates the need for bulky machines or dedicated PSTN fax lines.

Record your calls, coach, barge in and whisper to your staff 
Splora offers the facility to record and store calls for quality and coaching purposes.

Barge In Supervisors can listen in on a call in progress without interrupting the call. Their presence can be announced or silent.

Whisper Supervisors can provide coaching, advice or corrections without being heard by the outside person.

Everyone can see who’s talking
Live presence is our way for all users to see what was previously only available to receptionists or managers. Using the onscreen console, any user can see and pick up parked calls, create their own quick dial list and see who’s on a call and who’s available to talk.

Reduce your overhead and do away with your receptionist 
Auto Attendants are phone system features that let callers self-direct their calls to the desired extension or group. They can be used in place of a front line receptionist or as an overflow solution. We provide auto attendants for calls to a main number, and personal auto attendants for calls to direct extensions.

Conference anytime all the time
Have your own conference bridge, always enabled and accessible by inviting participants to call the direct number and entering a 4 digit pin code.

Integrate all of your business via your phone
Business will always have existing equipment such as door opening buzzers, intercoms or paging hardware. The bulk of this third party developed equipment can be incorporated and managed by Splora.