You acknowledge that although we will take all reasonable steps to make sure you receive the voice and data service within the local calling areas, the voice and data service is not free from faults or interruptions. Certain factors, such as network congestion, maintenance, technical capabilities, geographic factors, obstructions or interference may mean you will not receive the voice and data service at certain times.


When using this service, you will ensure that you and others comply at all times with all laws and obligations, regulations, codes or determinations or any other requirements of any government or statutory authority, including licence conditions, applicable to the services and their use. Failure to comply with any licence, permit or authorization relating to the connection of equipment to the Service Delivery Point or use of the services may result in immediate termination of the agreement.


Fees and charges applicable to your service will commence from the date of connection to Splora. You must pay services charges (and taxes) as set out in the Splora Plan schedule, together with any additional charges applicable to your service. Splora does not offer any refunds for any paid services.


Your term begins when you are first connected to Splora and continues for the period of time until you disconnect. Should your details change at any time, you must notify us immediately. If you want to discontinue your connection, you must give us written notice. The Service will be disconnected within 7 days of receipt. Splora may suspend, restrict or disconnect the service under varying circumstances.



Splora does not make any warranty whatsoever with regards to the features, functions, performance, quality or other characteristics of the service Splora provides.


In no event shall Splora be liable to any other entity for any special, consequential, incidental or indirect damages, however caused, on any theory of liability, and notwithstanding any failure of essential purpose of any limited remedy.


Splora shall not be liable to any other party for any damages arising from third party unauthorized access or use of the Splora service.