How did we do it?

We’ve developed Splora using state-of-art technology and modern protocols. At its core is the new WebRTC standard developed to allow browser to browser communication. Once a call is established via a server the two parties then communicate directly. This results in a more efficient use of bandwidth which delivers a better quality voice and video experience when compared to old technologies. WebRTC also allows end users to have concurrent voice, video, chat and data sessions over the one link.

Get to know Splora better

Starting is easy

Splora is the complete communications app built for your Android or iPhone (coming soon). Download the free app from Google Play to get started.

From voice and video calls, to messaging, contact management and even a calendar, Splora is the ultimate app for connecting not only family and friends but businesses as well.

Get your friends to sign up and connect with each other for free or subscribe to the fixed monthly rate for unlimited calls to any landline or mobile number, worldwide.

Making Calls

Used over WiFi or 3G, making a call with Splora is simple, just like using a regular mobile phone. Get your family and friends to download the app and call app to app for free.

Add our calling plan to your app and call any landline or mobile anywhere in the world for a low fixed monthly charge.

Receive calls from any phone anywhere in the world – they simply dial your Splora landline number.

Choose voice call, video call or even a clever intercom feature to linked phones.

Don’t call me

Block unsolicited calls with one touch.

Sick of being called by telemarketers or have an ex-friend that just won’t go away? Splora now lets you block calls from any number in the world…for good.

Once you decide to block someone, the call is hung up from your end but the unsolicited caller receives a pre recorded message and is then placed on our blocked call register so you won’t ever be called from them again.

Have fun with your pre recorded message – tell them what you really think before blocking them forever.


Comprehensive chat is also included in the app. Messages can all be shared across Splora’s users in standard text or group mode for free. Create as many groups as you like with as many people as you like. Just tell your friends to download the app and you’re set.

Splora offers not only basic messaging but includes the inserting of images, videos and voice recordings as well. Because the app is free, you can send pretty much anything around the world for free.

Video Calls

The video call is the traveller’s best friend. Stay in touch with loved ones, do things like watch your kids growing up in front of your eyes from the other side of the world or catch up with friends you haven’t seen in years.

Video calls are great for business as well. Participate in that face to face meeting from any location you choose.

As long as both you and your friends have the app downloaded on your phones you can video call as often as you like for as long as you like for free.

Live Office

Live office gives you real-time visibility of colleagues phone activity. Particularly helpful when you need to transfer calls, set up a conference call or get a hold of a colleague urgently.

Call Parking is also a unique feature designed for the business user. When you need to transfer a call to a colleague but they are unavailable or temporarily held up, you can park a call for them to retrieve as soon as they are available – it’s a particularly handy feature when the caller wants to wait on line – it saves you having an engaged line and allows the intended recipient to seeing the call waiting and easily answer it.


Contact management across different apps can be a nightmare. With Splora you can grant the app permission to include all your contacts from your phone. Doing this gives you complete visibility of all your contacts, we’ll even tell you if they use Splora and if they are online.

From your contacts list you can direct dial, message or video call. If a contact is not using Splora we’ll give you the ability to invite them to download the app so you can communicate for free.